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About Me

Hello! My name is Georgi Georgiev and I created a Universe photo studio, where I seal all the moments that you are excited about and remain an eternal memory. I shoot children's, wedding, family, portrait, subject and passport photography. In addition to photos in the studio, I'm creative and mobile enough to photograph you outside wherever you want.

In brief about me and the photography that connects us: 17 years ago, I got my first camera from my uncle. Even then, I did not accept taking pictures of myself, but all the mysterious moments and events of relatives and friends. After that, I found myself seeing the world different and unusual than my peers. While they were playing games, I had the pleasure of capturing the smiles of the children and the expressions of the people standing on the benches or hurrying in their everyday live. In fact, the challenge was not just to take a picture, but to recreate the emotions of people, capturing their eyes and laughing. Now I have over 30 wedding photos of happy newlyweds, several christenings, professional photo sessions of graduates, photos in the nature, and portrait photography. Welcome to my studio:

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